vaccinationAnimal feces can carry parasite ova capable of infecting humans, so deworming can be beneficial to both the animal and the owner. Parasitic infestations can cause severe illness, decreased weight gain, lethargy, poor coat and skin irritation, intestinal complications and organ damage. Clinical signs are not always present, so a fecal float can be helpful in determining if parasitic ova are present in the feces.

Puppies, kittens and their moms should be dewormed several times in the first few months of life. Adult dogs and cats need to be dewormed periodically depending on their exposure to parasitic vectors, for example, outdoor animals usually need to be dewormed more frequently than indoor animals.

Talk to one of our veterinarians to determine how often your pet should be dewormed and which products should be used based on their lifestyle and risk category.

Don’t forget their are external parasites that can affect your pet as well.