pet-emergencyPeople considering pet insurance should assess their financial situation and consider their ability to meet unexpected expenses that may arise for veterinary care. Some people may be able to deal with these expenses as they arise through savings they already have, by putting it on a credit card, or by using medical payment card options. Some people may be able to budget and set aside money each month for pet emergencies and preventative health care. Others perfer protecting themselves through pet health insurance policies as emergencies or medical conditions can arise at any time and enough money may not have been saved by the time veterinary medical attention is required.

Claresholm Veterinary Services is not associated with any pet health insurance company. We do however have information on some of the companies that offer pet insurance and can offer some advice.

For those considering pet health insurance:

  • Be sure you understand what the policy covers. Some policies cover some preventative care, such as vaccinations, but there may be additional cost for this coverage.
  • Understand the exclusions such as pre-existing, hereditary, and breed specific conditions.
  • Understand what the deductible and co-pay requirements are. Some policies pay the actual incurred expenses and others pay a set amount for fees.
  • Be sure you understand how expenses will be reimbursed.
  • Ask whether or not the policy allows you to seek care from a veterinarian of your own choice.

Visit the websites of the Pet Insurance providers below: